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Fox DEN provides investigators with a tool to explore, download and apply statistical models on aggregated data collected for the Fox Insight online clinical study. The Fox Insight study collects patient-reported outcomes and genetic data from people with Parkinson's disease and their loved ones.
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Examine questionnaire and genetic data from over 50,000 participants.
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What Fox Insight data can I explore in Fox DEN?
The Fox Insight study collects data to better understand the lived experiences of people with Parkinson's.
Questionnaire Data
One-time health and disease questionnaires and longitudinal questionnaires about symptoms, daily activities and other factors.
Genetic Data
DNA analysis from 23andMe for participants with Parkinson's who are participating in the Genetic sub-study. Click here to learn more about accessing genetic data
Microbiome Data
Gut and stool microbiome analysis from 23andMe for participants with and without Parkinson's who are participating in the Parkinson's Disease Microbiome sub-study. Click here to learn more about accessing microbiome data.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fox Insight study?

Fox Insight is a dynamic online longitudinal clinical study of people both with and without Parkinson's disease. The study seeks to enroll tens of thousands of diverse participants, making Fox Insight the largest and most representative Parkinson's research study to date. The Fox Insight platform deploys a variety of health, lifestyle, and Parkinson's routine assessments. Fox Insight is sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

How do I access Fox Insight data?

Fox DEN provides investigators with the ability to explore, download, and apply statistical models on individual data collected through the Fox Insight online clinical study. Get started today by clicking here.

What types of data are being collected in the Fox Insight study?

Examples of collected data include questionnaires about participant demographics, medical information, cognitive and physical experiences, and Parkinson's symptoms. Please review the schedule of activities to stay to up-to-date on specific questionnaires deployed through Fox Insight. Genotype data are collected from eligible participants (people with Parkinson's in the US who have completed a set of assessments).

All Fox Insight data shared through Fox DEN is de-identified.

Who can access Fox Insight data?

Qualified researchers, interested in Parkinson's disease or related research, can access Fox Insight data upon account registration, completion of a Data Use Agreement (DUA), acknowledgement of the study publication policy , and review by the Data and Publications Committee.

How often database is updated?

The Fox Insight database is updated monthly.

I am not currently affiliated with an academic or for-profit research institution. Can I access Fox Insight data?

Yes, you can request access to the Questionnaire and Key Parkinson's genetic variants data. However access to full Genetic data will require affiliation with an academic or research institution.

Are there monthly data cuts accessible which preserve time bound data?

Yes, you can access data cuts from the Monthly Data Cuts page. You will need to sign in or register for a FoxDEN account.

I have downloaded Fox Insight data and would now like to publish on my findings. How do I acknowledge the use of study data?

The Fox Insight Publication Policy & Data Use Agreement provide information on how to reference the use of study data, including guidelines for authorship as well as appropriate acknowledgements for study funding support, participation by the PD community, and date of Fox DEN access. To reference use of a Fox DEN Monthly Data Cut please include the following DOI: “https://doi.org/10.25549/bxya-6133” and the Archive Date of the Monthly Data Cut.

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